Transform yourself, live your best life

Are you feeling stuck or wanting a transformation in any area of your life?


With weekly customized actions plans created especially for you, you will learn how to move forward with the results you need.


Melissa Mirenda, Executive Coach with 20+ years of professional experience, will work with you to explore solutions and overcome ‘self-limiting thoughts’ in your Professional Life, Personal Life, and Health.


All Coaching Programs start with a complimentary, exploratory coaching session. This conversation usually takes about 30 minutes and is free-of-charge.


Next, after understanding and defining the results you want in your life, we create an action plan that includes weekly coaching sessions.



These sessions can be done in person, video chat, or by phone call – Whichever works best for you!


How many sessions are required?

Great question – this is determined by the goals you have set for yourself and your desired outcome. For example, Life Coaching should be a minimum of six months to create the permanent change you desire. Whereas, Career Coaching utilizes a “Jump Start” plan of action and is determined month-to-month how many sessions you require.


Who needs Coaching?

Everyone could use a coach. A coach is a non-judgmental professional to help support and challenge you in the areas important to you. A coach can point out possibilities, solve problems, and create results that are normally stuck in your “blind spot.” This synergy, teaching and accountability creates a dynamic for transformation.

Growth is an important human desire to feel alive. And a coach can gently help expand your capacity for changing undesired habits. “There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.”


Business Coaching is taking the business from ‘where it is now to where you want it to be.’ A customized strategic coaching action plan will be created for your business and you. And most job seekers are not sure how to create a proactive job search; or need support and guidance and on a career move. Melissa provides her business and search firm ownership skills to empower you to reach your goals.


Get started with a free, exploratory 30 minute coaching session.

What people say


“Melissa has not only helped me develop the executive leadership skills to advance my career, but has helped me develop my personal relationships through understanding many basics such as mindfulness, the four acknowledgments, and my life’s purpose! I am thankful for the direction she has guided me to ‘let things happen’, because as we know it is already written.”


“I always look forward to speaking with Melissa for our coaching sessions.  She always has the ability to make you feel better and motivated than prior to our call.  She has a unique ability to understand problems and provide insight and direction on what is needed to make things better.  Her expertise in the areas of meditation and handling relationships with others has made a significant impact in my growth both professionally as well as personally.  Not only is Melissa an excellent coach, she is also a great friend.”


“Coaching by Melissa allows you to be more about where you’re going rather than where you have been -a game changer for this 62-year-old guy from southern Ohio who is in the midst of a re-boot—Melissa has had extensive training in meditation and has trained for this on two different continents as well as being Extensively Educated in advanced life coaching.”


“Melissa is an amazing coach. She is able to see where I am stopped and gently confront me when I am not being true to myself. Whenever I speak with her, I am left empowered in my commitments and feeling unstoppable where I was stopped before. She coaches by instructing me in areas of my personal growth and by holding me to account for actions that support that growth. She has been a gift to my life and my development.”


“Thank you so much for your guidance over the past 6 months.  I am so glad I have met you along my journey to guide me to change both in my business and personal life!  I was just telling my assistant that you both know more about me than anyone else! I feel transformed because of you!  Thanks for being the best Coach and friend!  I always felt like you supported me and guided me.”


 "Melissa is a true expert in motivation! Melissa Mirenda presented to the Midwest Aging Life Care Association. We as experts were blown away and slowed down to process how to be our best to our clients. It was so memorable that we asked her to write an article for our newsletter so we could keep learning! I highly recommend Melissa, get in touch with her today!"

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