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We find talent

We develop talent

We are successful, here's why:

  • 20 years executive search firm experience

  • Executive Search Associate’s proven candidate sourcing techniques

  • Cultivating careers one conversation at time

Proven track record

Executive Search Associates has twenty years of recruiting experience. Our specialties are Commercial Real Estate, FHA/HUD and DUS Mortgage Lending, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services. Also we can work as a “generalist” for Specialty Searches.

We can find talent.

We dig deep. Our sourcing methods are ‘pulling from competitors,’ networking, extensive research and a targeted database.

We cultivate careers


With what we know and share with candidates about a job search, and with having a career coaching background as well, we can listen to possibilities beyond people’s beliefs.

About ESA
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“I enjoy helping clients solve their talent shortage issues. There is satisfaction in finding the right person for the job. Executive Search Associates’s goal is to find the right personality and cultural fit for our clients. I also coach candidates on gaining clarity on what they want, what they value and what’s holding them back. Overall, I improve people’s lives on a job move.”

- Melissa Mirenda

“When the candidate is the perfect fit personality wise and seeing the person at the company excel knowing we placed them there is the best part of the job”.

- Ava Adornetto



Contact us

565 Metro Place South

Suite #3209

Dublin, OH 43017


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