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Why I need to Meditate!

The first time I tried meditating was with Transcendental Meditation and after going through the program I thought “what a relief!” My floating anxiety disappeared! I was unaware that simply sitting in quiet with a mantra for 20 minutes could provide such calming benefits. I was sold on meditation and have not stopped since.

Looking back, I have always suffered from low energy (depression) since I was a teenager. And what seemed like a little undiagnosed ADHD seemed to be running the show with constant multi-tasking.

If I had started meditating at 13 years old versus 50, I could have saved a lot of pain and suffering. The calmer nervous system I have now is priceless. Meditation is such as easy, free, and liberating method of achieving a higher well-being and peace that had been available to me this whole time!

I’m not saying that I’m completely anxiety free, I do still multi-task in my business; yet it is 80% less frantic dealing with the exasperating “monkey mind.”

I have many techniques which I have acquired over the years. I use a silent mantra, guided meditations, the MUSE biofeedback headset, and yoga nidra (lying down meditation).

Lots of people say they don’t have time to meditate, just like they say they don’t have time to exercise or prepare healthy food. The average American watches over 2.5 hours of TV a day (according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal). Really, it’s a matter of well-being and health. We are eating too much sugar and processed foods, not sleeping as well as we should, and are out of shape. We are creating more weight related diseases costing the health care systems billions of dollars that could otherwise be avoided.

Why you should Meditate:

  • For a growing number of people who are perfectly healthy, meditation is used as a means of stress reduction and prevention.

  • Escape a sense of suffering or emotional pain.

  • Feel calmer; more relaxed, centered, balanced, and more energized.

  • Be able to think clearer, focus more easily, and make better decisions.

  • Activate healing response or prevent disease.

  • Be more attractive or more youthful.

  • Have more access to their innate inspiration and creativity.

  • Discover their inner knowing, discover who they really are.

  • Find a connection to God or a higher power.

I have to admit, I’m a meditating evangelist. I preach the benefits to anyone who will listen. I’m a graduate of Transcendental Meditation and completed the Sedona Meditation Teacher training course. I meditate twice a day for 20 minutes per session, once first thing in the morning and once mid-day. The mid-day session helps to ‘reboot my brain’ according to Transcendental Meditation. I want everyone to know what’s available to them by calming the nervous system and giving the active brains a rest AT LEAST ONCE DAILY.

What I’ve discovered, like anyone preaching something they love, is not everyone wants to hear, learn, or do the practice. My mom states ‘she is 80 years old and not going to meditate!’ My sister-in-law who was diagnosed with cancer recently, is not interested to hear about how meditation has healed many people of diseases. And I’m not saying it will cure her, but it is worth a try.

I admit I am a health nut. At 56, I’m enjoying good health and still have some signs of ADHD, anxiety and mild bouts of feeling ‘out of it.’ Yet nothing has compared to what I experienced before starting my meditation practice. And the medical community just gives you and anti-depressant.

I have learned that eating right, drinking in moderation, getting rest, having close trusting friends, engaging in meaningful activities, spending time in nature and exercise also help live a very fulfilling life. Baby boomers are aging and facing more health issues than ever. I feel as if I am at least prepared for the next stage in life.

I am also enrolled in a health coach certification program and studying neuro-feedback (bio feedback). According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, approximately 70 percent of Americans are in Beta brain waves which he calls ‘survival mode.’ Nothing is wrong with being in higher frequency Beta mode when we need energy and focus. Yet, you don’t want to stay there; it releases too much stress hormones to the system.

If you’re interested in learning more about meditation, below are some tips:

The Five Keys of Meditation:

1) It’s okay to have thoughts

2) Don’t try too hard

3) Have a beginner’s mind

4) Be kind to yourself

5) Don’t give up

I teach meditation in retreats and also happy to give a free 30 minute consultation. Email Melissa Mirenda at:


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