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The "No Fear" Mantra

Here is one of my favorite blog posts from Coach Trainer Simone Seol. I truly try to use the "no fear" affirmation in both my recruiting and coaching business. It has been a scary time for the Mortgage Lending industry with a record number of layoffs and interest rates surging!

I never do anything out of “should.” Ever.
I have no fear of losing sales. (It’s not always supposed to go up up up.)
I have no fear of people being disappointed in me. (My bigger fear is disappointing myself and disregarding my own needs.)
I have no fear of being forgotten. (My body of work lives on. And even if it doesn’t, I can always show up and create more. And if I don’t want to, that’s cool, too. Nobody has to remember me. I’m the only one responsible for remembering my own genius.)
I have no fear of “losing momentum”. (That is just a fear story brought to us by the patriarchy that doesn't understand, and is scared of, cycles.)
I have no fear of my clients leaving me. (I don’t believe their coming and going is, or should be, up for me to manipulate or control. And I always have the trust that the universe will deliver me exactly what I am an energetic match for.)
I have no fear even of totally leaving my business. (My business doesn’t define me. It’s not the most important thing in my life. The sacred relationship I have with my own creativity is, and I know I'll always be loyal to that even if the form that takes may always evolve.)
Therefore the only reason I ever do any work on my business is that I deeply WANT to.
Of course, there are things I make myself do even if it’s not fun, like logistics, taxes, accounting, or following through with plans when it’s not automatically delightful.
But that’s because I intentionally created a business that is VERY light on the load of “shit I don’t feel like doing,” and have such a trusting relationship with my business that, even when I have to “make myself” do something, it’s out of love and sufficiency.
All of this took YEARS of working on myself to build.
When you’re free of should’s (because you’re free of scarcity or people-pleasing), you open up the most amazingly robust energy source.
It propels you forward at lightening speed with ZERO striving/effort-ing.
That’s my secret to serving MASSIVELY and at such a high level, without even getting close to burnout.
If you fear burnout, the solution is NOT to change the way you take action, but to investigate the “should” thoughts in your brain (and therefore the fears that are fueling them), and teaching your nervous system safety yo release them one at a time.

-Via Simone Grace Seol

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