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Some cracks are happening with working from home

I am not sure how people have been effectively working from home. It's hard for me to focus at home with all the distractions. I can’t even tell you what they are! I am grateful that I have my coworking space @dublinentrepreneurialcenter that I have been able to work at all through covid, and I wear a mask outside my personal office. I love being able to “physically” work alongside my new assistant @alyssathieman. 

I have seen this recent article in the @wallstreetjournal “The End of the Office? Not so Fast.” by Chip Cutter. States for 4 months many employees have been working effectively at home getting work done without much complaining and now some companies are giving up their office spaces entirely. “Now, as the work-from-home experiment stretches on, some cracks are starting to emerge. Projects take longer. Training is tougher. Hiring and integrating new employees, more complicated. Some employers say their workers appear less connected and bosses fear that younger professionals aren’t developing at the same rate as they would in offices, sitting next to colleagues and absorbing how they do their jobs.” 

Overall I know and have placed some candidates happy and efficient working from their home office or an office suite. I do think that humans need connection and are inspired by collaborating in person;   Zoom only goes so far!

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