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Monday One Hour

I heard about this new time management plan from The Life Coach School, called Monday One Hour. Under this schedule, you plan your intentions, goals, and actions on the first hour of Monday in the beginning of the week. It goes as follows, put everything on a weekly to-do list and schedule your calendar at the start of each week (you will feel relief if you trust yourself to follow through). Then throw your list away.

Understand what you want out of the week, have an awareness for the time it will all take, and have compassion for yourself when planning. Remember not to plan too much and to put a gentle pressure on yourself to get your plans completed for the week.

They state that we have a relationship problem with ourselves as we do not always hold ourselves accountable and have integrity when sticking to a schedule. It is our own responsibility, when we are “lying to ourselves and stealing the time block, needing more time" it hurts us most in the end.

I personally have a problem with sticking to time blocks, yet I am challenging myself this next week to give it a whirl.

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