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How to Make the Office Less Awful

I had to laugh at a recent article on "Making the Office Less Awful" from the WSJ. The challenge for employers is convincing employees to come to the office. Companies say in-person experiences can now be overwhelming especially with hybrid work schedules and a return to unexpected interruptions.

Below are some tips for employers & employees as the workforce returns to the office to add excitement back to the office in 2022.

~ Keep your “in-office” days consistent with those whom you meet with on a regularly.

~ Schedule meetings with co-workers you haven’t seen in person recently to include a five-minute humor ice breaker to re-introduce yourself.

~ Plan “breakfast” meetings, “lunch” meetings, & afternoon “snack” meetings for those longer days when in the office.

~ Invite local food vendors to offer “specials” for in-office days.

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