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How Smart-Phones Hijack Our Minds

Mind blowing article by Nicholas Carr on how smart phones are making us dumber. Coaching tip: start noticing how your distractions are taking away from the present moment.

"'ll be pulling your phone out and using it some 80 times a day, according to data Apple collects." "As the brain grows dependent on the technology, the research suggests, the intellect weakness."

Adrian Ward, a cognitive psychologist and marketing professor at the University of Texas in Austin, has been studying the way smart phones and the internet affect our thoughts and judgments for a decade. In his own work, as well as that of others, he has seen mounting evidence that using a smartphone, or even hearing one ring or vibrate, produced a welter of distractions that make it harder to concentrate on a different problem or job. The division of attention impedes reasoning and performance.

Refer to this link to read the full Wall Street Journal article on October 7th, 2017.

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