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Beware: It's a Candidates Driven Market Making it Harder to Recruit and RETAIN Candidates

Here's an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal:

One Fix for All That's Wrong: Better Managers

A Gallup poll found that roughly a third of U.S. employees are highly engaged. However, in successful businesses, this statistic can surpass 68%, which can explain why some companies have started to adjust certain perks and initiatives to juice their scores. From Gallup, jobs that rank first tend to be the ones that are the most rewarding. People who are inspired at work and keep themselves engaged are often able to enjoy their life more. A shortage of these good jobs and inspiring bosses would lead to companies struggling to recruit and retain purpose-driven millennials. This might also explain why America's productivity level has become stagnant over the years. Present day workers simply don't feel engaged at work unless they have a purpose and can achieve personal growth.

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